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Dynamic Women

Founded by Keidre Harris, Girl Power Chat is an extraordinary platform exclusively designed to propel College Students, Career Professionals and Entrepreneurs to reach their highest heights. Our listeners can expect to be enlighten by spiritual, driven, intellectual Women (and occasionally Men) who are breaking barriers and living their dreams.

Powerful Insight

Creating an atmosphere to uplift, inspire and take action. Today, Girl Power Chat has expand into a Newsletter, Podcast, Community Initiative, and so much more. Girl Power Chat prides ourselves as a leading pioneer striving to Bridge the Gap between Emerging Millennial Ladies and Influential Women of Power from across the world.

Extraordinary Inspiration

Girl Power Chat provides pertinent information on a wide range of real and relevant topics designed to positively propel our listeners as they unveil the power within. We are focused to keep our KEY commitment of Inspiring young professional ladies across the country.  Connections are key. Most importantly connections are powerful.

Hear What Ladies Are Saying!


I'm so thankful for the wonderful words of encouragement. Listening to the advise about being a Women of Purpose, a Woman of Wisdom and being happy now.  I was truly moved by the statement, "I'm doing it for me" so many times I get caught up in saying its for my children.  But I'm doing this for myself.  No more putting dreams to the side! I'm staying connected to the cause.  This was an amazing call! I can't wait for the Girl Power Retreat.  So thankful to Ms. Keidre for your vision it has indeed blessed me!

Britney - Shreveport, La

When Girl Power started, I was really excited mainly because we could come together as women and lift one another up. But then I was able to see the bigger picture, the connections that are able to be made with one another; and the way we can network together. You never know what a person has that you will need and Girl Power allows you the opportunity to build foundations with others that are on fire for helping one another.
Now that is GIRL POWER!

Jacale - Dallas, Tx

Surrounded by negative energy.  In July 2013, was when I encountered my first Girl Power Chat Session.  Listening to Girl Power Chat session has truly inspired me.  I was in a situation in my life where I was unhappy with my career and where I lived.  It seem like I always relate to the stories of Powerful Women and I decided to trust in God and take a leap of faith.  I moved to Houston, TX.  Words can't describe the positives things that has happen in my life.

Jada - Houston, Tx

youth&young adult

The purpose is to educate, equip and empower participants for a lifetime of self-respect, healthy living and academic excellence.  Through our initiatives, we plan to break the community landscape and perception of youth from one of liabilities, to young people making positive change in themselves and their communities. 

From Coast to Coast,

now Globally!

Dynamic Women 
Powerful Insight 
Extraordinary Inspiration

Girl Power Chat...Cultivating
the leader in you!

Are you a Young Adult Professional Lady 
pursuing your dreams?

If you want to learn more about how to push past adversity on your journey to success, it doesn't get better than Girl Power Chat!

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